SINA Football Lab - Dutch Football Revalidation Centre

SINA Football Lab is the only centre dedicated to football and treatment of football injuries.

Players Physical & Physiological Load measurement

Neuromuscular fatigue

Cognitive readiness

injury risk analysis

Unique in The Netherlands

The active specialists at the Football Lab have extensive experience in the field of rehabilitation and improvement of the football player’s performance.

Biomechanics and physical requirements of a football player have been decisive for the choice of the most advanced test and measurement equipment.

The ambition of the Football Lab goes beyond following existing treatment and training programs.

In collaboration with universities, a knowledge center is formed where innovative forms of training are created, tested and introduced.



Every patient is unique and deserves a personalized approach to his/her injury by a professional and expert environment

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DEM selecties getest bij SINA Voetballab


Performance upgrade is made possible using state- of -the- art technology and equipment

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Objectivating data provides a reliable basis for the further physical therapy and evaluation process.

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Testing & Monitoring

Testing & Monitoring

Testing and monitoring is used to map and analyse the physical, physiological and cognitive abilities

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Siamak Azadi (Voetballab) & Javid Farahani (Fulham)

Siamak Azadi & Dr Javid Farahani (Skill Acquisition Consultant Fulham FC)

Siamak Azdi, CEO of SINA Voetballab, hosted Dr Javid Farahani last week. He is skill acquisition consultant at Championship club Fulham FC, CEO of London Cognition and researcher in applied […]

Ronaldinho Globe Street Team & Voetballab

Ronaldinho Globe Street Team meets Siamak Azadi & Voetballab

Ronaldinho Globe Street Team members; Edward van Gils (The Godfather),  Orry Stoc Promes (The Solid Rock), Djruic Asencion (Djuricross) and Randall do Rosario, meets SINA Voetballab. Special guest: former Ajax […]

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