06 feb 2018 SINA VOETBALLAB proudly announces the completion of the most advanced soccer performance testing.

SINA Multidimensional Soccer Testing or SIMUST 1 is the most comprehensive advanced
and revolutionary multidimensional and multi-layer test in soccer. SIMUST 1 is the only
existing test which can pinpoint the true performance level of a soccer player.

In soccer it’s all about the synergy between physical, physiological and cognitive elements
needed to ensure a high level performance. The combination of these elements is ever more
challenging due to the complexity of the sport and the diversity of the fundamental
characteristics of each individual player.

In order to create the best synergy we first need to determine and measure the abilities of
the player. SINA voetballab has developed SIMUST 1 to assess these competences.

SIMUST 1 has been designed and developed by a team of human movement scientists,
exercise physiologists, sport physical therapists and cognitive neuroscientists. What makes
SIMUST 1 stand out is the unique multidimensional and multi-layer design.

By developing SIMUST 1, SINA VOETBALLAB has brought a comprehensive mixture of
science, technology and football together.

The complexity of SIMUST 1 involves the in-depth screening of the body and mind of a
soccer player whereby any possible flaws in his/her performance are detected.

Contrary to the existing tests SIMUST 1 is holistic. SIMUST 1 is developed and designed to
determine the correlation between the physical, psychological, neuromuscular and cognitive
changes during an intensive (half) match simulation.

Some unique features of SIMUST 1 are:

  • SIMUST 1 provides an accurate image of the performance level
  • SIMUST 1 is adaptable to the game tactics and the tactical needs of the coach
  • SIMUST 1 involves not only the physical and physiological but also the cognitive
  • SIMUST 1 can determine the physical load on each individual muscle and joint
  • SIMUST 1 determines when, why and how fatigue will occur
  • SIMUST 1 can determine the physiological needs of the body for an optimal recovery
  • SIMUST 1 shows when and why a player’s decision-making might fail during a match
  • SIMUST 1 can predict the injury risk and give you clear guidance regarding

SINA VOETBALLAB aims to set a new global standard in the performance testing of
professional soccer players. By the implementation of SIMUST 1, SINA VOETBALLAB not only
brings performance testing to a higher level but also makes the discovery of emerging new
talent much easier.

Siamak Azadi

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